March 7, 2018

Hebrews 11:1-40

No one had ever seen rain of the magnitude necessary to flood the entire earth. Yet, Noah built an ark according to God’s instructions. Place yourself in Noah’s shoes. He would have been ridiculed by the crowds affecting not just him, but his entire family. What radical obedience! His obedience was entirely based on faith—he could not have fathomed the amount of rain that was to fall, the size of ship to build, or how animals would turn his ark into the zoo of the century. Yet, God said and Noah obeyed.

All of these characters in Hebrews 11 obeyed with radical obedience and God used them despite human inaccuracies. People do not have a problem with the radical obedience, but they often have a problem with the task given to them. Radical obedience requires a faith willing to step into the oddest of situations and to trust God’s hand and direction with every step you take. Have you shared the good news yet this week? If not, look for a divine interruption and see it as an opportunity to listen, obey God’s direction, and act in faith. God created you for that moment and he will not leave your side.