March 7, 2016

Week Eleven Devotions Written by Lisa Bobzien

Isaiah 47:1-15

Babylon became one the mightiest forces on earth, a proud empire with a king who exalted himself as a “god.” They did not rely on the one and only true God but got caught up in the pursuit of power and pleasure. They felt completely secure and untouchable. But God is always watching. God would ultimately humble them by taking everything away from them. The unequaled greatness of God, the Father, decimates human pride and self-sufficiency. God, not Babylon or any other god or nation, has the ultimate power.

When all is going well in your life—job is going well, everyone is healthy, kids are doing well in school—are you still relying on God? Or do you only turn to him during tough times and when you need or want something?

Make no mistake, there is only one God and he is the King of all kings, the Ruler above all rulers (presidents, prime ministers, and queens), and he alone is worthy of our praise at all times. Anyone who grasps the truth about Almighty God has only one option—to bow before him in humble, reverent worship.