March 4, 2014

“Love does not Rejoice in Unrighteousness, but Rejoices with the Truth”

Matthew 25:40

What you don’t know can hurt you. When Marie Antoinette came to Paris as a bride, not a single ragged or starving person appeared on the streets along which the splendid procession passed. France was seething with discontent at the time, born of dire poverty- a discontent that was later to break out in the horrors of the Revolution - but Marie Antoinette was not to know anything about that. So, the poor starving population was swept into the side streets where they could not be seen and kept penned up there so that Marie Antoinette might think all was happy and prosperous in Paris. When she was asked about the poor and how they should be fed, she said they should eat cake. She had no idea. Optimism based on ignorance is not optimism at all. It is only self-deception. Many people do this, including you and me.