March 4, 2013

Luke 5:1-11      Introducing Peter

Peter was the leader of the twelve. His name is listed first in all the lists of the disciples and he seems to be the leader of the inner circle of three, including James and John. Peter's name was originally Simon but Jesus changed it to Peter, which means "Rock." By nature, Simon was brash, vacillating, and undependable. He had a habit of making promises, but could not follow through. He was one of those people who appears to lunge wholeheartedly into something and then bails out before finishing. He was usually the first one in, and too often, he was the first one out. Jesus gave him the nickname "rock" to be a perpetual reminder of who he should be. From that point on, Jesus used his names to send him a subtle message. If he called him Simon, he was signaling to him that he was acting like his old self. If he called him Rock, he was commending him for acting the way he should. Peter did indeed become the Rock of the church and was instrumental in the spread of the Gospel.

Peter followed Jesus' lead even when it did not make sense. He was tired from fishing all night long and was frustrated by their lack of success. But obedience to Christ proved to be beneficial to the men. This was the beginning of Peter's life with Jesus. Take a moment to pray about your obedience to Christ as you live today.