March 31, 2014


Looking Forward to Dinner!Luke 22:7-16

Are you busy and is your schedule filled with meetings, appointments, practices, etc.? In our home, we have made it a practice to make dinner the one time when we get to stop and spend time with each other. We look forward to dinner time! There is laughter, life updates, and beautiful encounters with one another. It really is the time during the day when we find out how each one is doing. In this passage, we find Jesus earnestly desiring to spend this meal with his disciples. In preparation for the difficult days ahead, our Savior wanted to have this informal, yet intimate, time with his closest of friends. What a very special time that last supper must have been for him as it was the last time they were all together. Plan a time this week for a dinner or lunch with friends or relatives. Sharing life is very important! As busy as your schedule may be, remember it is important to spend time in good conversation with those you love!