March 28, 2018

Matthew 27:11-31, Luke 23:1-25, Mark 15:1-20, John 18:28-19:22
Pilate’s Story, by Rob Peterman

I don’t understand why these people are bothering me with this man. I can find no fault in him and by all accounts, this is a Jewish matter, not a Roman one! What do they expect me to do? It would appear they are only trying to get me to handle their problems for them.

I sat down with this man to try and understand why the Jews had such a hatred for him. Even then, I could find no fault in him. I even tried to pawn him off on Herod, but he just sent him back to me. He concurred, finding nothing this man deserved death for. To make matters more complicated, even my wife told me to let this man go and have nothing to do with the matter!

I stood before the people and told them this man was innocent of these charges, but they came up with more accusations, even insinuating he was a threat to Rome.

This man intrigues me, but I find no fault in him. His own people would rather have a known criminal and murderer released than to see this man be set free.

I have grown weary of this mess. I must satisfy this crowd before it gets out of hand or, even worse, I get accused of going against Caesar. I relent. I wash my hands. I am innocent of his blood.