March 26, 2018

As a follower of Christ, each of us has a story. Regardless of our age, gender, family, or job, God is at work writing our story. All we must do to see this is simply pause and look back at how he has guided our lives through every twist and turn.

During this 35-day journey, we will meet several people who are a part of our FBC family. We will see how God has moved in their lives, spoken truth during specific trials, or brought restoration through his healing words found in the Scriptures. We hope these daily readings will cause you to meditate on how God has brought strength or change in your life. We pray this time of devotion would bring our church family closer together as we see ourselves in similar circumstances or seasons of life. But most of all, we are confident God will use this focus to bring honor and glory to his name, and cause us to worship him in awe of all he has done and is doing around us.

The culmination point of this series will be a church-wide worship event presented by our Worship Arts Ministry on the final weekend of April called “The Story.” This multimedia worship experience will be an opportunity for us to give thanks to God for all he has done for us through his Son, Jesus. We hope you will use this encounter as a chance to invite your friends and family as the Gospel is shared in a very unique and powerful way. Begin praying today that God would place the names of these individuals on your heart, and then ask them to be your special guests on one of those evenings.

We are in the midst of some exciting days in the story of FBC Lewisville. God is writing the next chapter of ministry for this church family. Thank you for taking this step with us as we find our place in his story.

Troy Freeman,
Associate Pastor/Music & Worship

S T O R I E S - H O L Y W E E K

Luke 2:1-20; John 19:25-27
Mary’s Story, by Mikel Porter

I remember the first time I held him in my arms. The air was heavy and smelled of animals, but his skin radiated the wonderful baby smell. His little cheeks were rosy and wet from his first cries and I could not take my eyes off of him. He was beautiful. God gave me this child, but this child was different than all the others the world had known or would ever know. I was chosen to give birth to the baby that would one day save the world. My sweet boy would save even me.

The last week of his life is difficult to remember and talk about. Watching a human suffer is difficult, but excruciating when it is your own child. I remember my emotions going from one extreme to another in such a short amount of time. I found it difficult to breathe. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, I was so proud to call him mine. The people shouted, “Hosanna!” and waved palm branches in the air. They were so excited he had come. But by the end of that same week, the people hurled insults and waved hammers as they drove spikes through his hands. Those hands were the same hands I held in mine as I led him down that street when he was a boy. Now his hands stretched across the chasm between heaven and earth and led the way for me to find life.

My boy changed me. As I watched him grow and change from a boy to a man, it as though his growth mirrored the changes happening inside of me. I went from being a woman with little purpose and identity to a child of the one true King with a calling. He made me a mother and he made me a child of God.