March 26, 2016

Isaiah 66:1-11

Today and tomorrow will complete our study of the book of Isaiah. It emphasizes God's greatness and the need for people to accept his grace and enjoy a relationship with him even into eternity. To understand, we should look at the God who Isaiah writes about, the One who uses the universe we see as vast as no more than his footstool. He would laugh at the idea we could build him a temple.

A scene in the movie Lilies of the Field shows Sidney Poitier trying to teach English to the nuns at the church where he is working as a carpenter. He points to himself and says, "I build the church." They repeat his words, pointing to themselves. They repeat the routine, repeating "You build the church." But when he moves on to "We build the church," the Reverend Mother interrupts, points to heaven, and reminds them, “He builds the church."

Any other attitude would be one God hates. There was a popular song that Frank Sinatra sang. The melody is nice, but we need to guard against living by the lyrics. We will not be in God's will as long as we insist, "I did it my way." The Lord came down to have fellowship with those who honor his name and can sing "Have Thine Own Way."