March 25 ,2016

Isaiah 65:1-25

In Romans 10:20-21, Paul quotes from the Greek version of Isaiah's words in 65:1-2. In both of these books, we see a beautiful picture of the character of God. We learn the scope of his patience...all day long. Think of that. Patience exemplified for four thousand years, from the time of Abraham. God is still holding out his hands to stubborn people, not just patiently but also lovingly. From the very beginning, God has stood with arms wide open to welcome home those who come to him.

Do you remember the words Jesus said as he wept because of the stubbornness of his people? "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem! How often would I have gathered you under my wings, as a hen gathers her chickens, but you would not" (Matthew 23: 37). This is being repeated throughout the world today. God tries to find faith in unbelievers by sending messengers with a saving message. How can there still be such apathy or outright resistance to the life offered by God?

Sometimes I try to decide which is the greater wonder—that anyone could resist the beautiful invitation God offers to them or that he still so patiently and lovingly waits for them. What could display the character of God any more clearly than his "Amazing Grace"?