March 24, 2016

Isaiah 64:1-12

Isaiah continues his prayer with a stronger cry for help. His time of waiting for the Messiah becomes difficult and still, still we wait. It is hard to understand that God's action of sending his Son to the world will only be complete when he comes again.

Now the Israelites cry out asking God to show up and prove he is the One they heard about through the stories of their ancestors. Still, they cannot deny they have been rebellious. Has God given up on them? They are so confused they start asking God to come and blast all the wicked people. Then they change and ask God to come and make them into the people they should be. Do God's people ever realize that when he shows up to smash wickedness, they may find themselves changed as well?

Think about it: When the Old Testament prophets asked God to come into the world, they expected the mountains to shake. Instead, he came in a quiet way—to share our sorrows, end the threat of death, and bring us grace.

How blessed we are to serve a living Savior, who came to show mercy and demonstrates it in the daily remaking of our lives. "Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift" (2 Corinthians 9:15). We can praise him as we sing "He Lives!"