March 22, 2016

Isaiah 62:1-12

Is it good to pray for your own city? Should we pray for Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, and other places we call home? Isaiah certainly thought it was a good idea. He prayed a fervent prayer for Jerusalem to once again be a shining light for everyone around. He wanted all to look forward to the day when the Messiah would come.

Did Isaiah pray for Jerusalem to become a home of mighty warriors? Did he want them to be famous for winning many battles? These verses tell us that Jerusalem's glory would be returned only through her righteousness. When she returned to a right relationship with God, then he would hold up the city in his own hands—like a splendid crown.

Through his constant prayers for her, Isaiah is able to think no more of Jerusalem as a forsaken city. Now he can look forward to the new Jerusalem as a most desirable place, the home of the redeemed. Any Chamber of Commerce would love to describe their city this way.

Isaiah says that can only come to pass if the people pray day and night, watchmen on the wall with him. If we commit ourselves to him, God will rejoice over us too. The song I am hearing is "Sweet Hour of Prayer."