March 21, 2018

1 Peter 1:13

In some translations of today's reading, “prepare your minds for action” reads “gird up your loins.” Back in the day of this Scripture, men would often wear a tunic, which for us may look like a robe. Whenever they needed to get ready to work or go into battle, this robe was restrictive and impeded their movement. Therefore, they needed to gird up their loins, shortening their tunic by tucking it underneath them and tying it around their waist, preparing them for action. After challenging us to be prepared for action, Peter tells us to be sober-minded. He means for us to be clear-headed, not distracted, as we follow Christ. Every day there is an assault on our senses that beckons us to turn our attention from Christ. What is influencing our choices? What are we conforming to—the world or God’s Word? When the Spirit produces self-control within us, we will find it easier to gird up our loins, be sober-minded, setting our hope on the grace of Jesus Christ.