March 21, 2016

Week Thirteen Devotions Written by Kate Fite

Isaiah 61:1-8

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Whether the temperature cooperates or not, the calendar reminds us to look forward to a new day. Some people get busy with spring cleaning, while others start to make plans for a garden. And still others shop for clothes, perhaps a new outfit for Easter Sunday.

Isaiah 61 is a perfect passage to read in the spring. In the earlier chapters, the writer majored on prophecies of the judgment of God. Now, in these later chapters, Isaiah has pushed back the drapes to let light flood the room. From this chapter on, he tells us the prophecies of good news.

This good news brings us the spring promises we desire. God dresses his people with salvation and clothes us in robes of righteousness. Isaiah even says God's righteousness will be like a garden in early spring with plants appearing everywhere.

More than all of that, you may be assured that this particular chapter is extremely special. Just think—61:1-2 contains the words Jesus read as he preached his first recorded sermon (Luke 4:18-19). And after he read these words, he rolled up the scroll, sat down, and began to speak: "The scripture you have just heard has been fulfilled this very day!" Good news indeed! Celebrate by singing a verse of "God's Beautiful World."