March 20, 2016

Isaiah 60:1-22

The day will come when the Lord will call all nations to himself, and they will offer him all they have in worship. Mourning will cease. We will see him in his glory, and it will take away all darkness. All those who love him will rejoice. The flood of emotions will overcome them, and beauty will remain.

Consider the parallels between Isaiah’s descriptions of the kingdom here and John’s descriptions of the new heaven and earth in the Revelation. Only fine materials that reflect his glory will construct it. We will never face night or worry about what could lurk in it. The Lord will be there among his people. Kings will honor him with their labor.

When I consider this victorious place, it dims the pursuits of the world. A better car, a stylish wardrobe, fine foods, an elaborate dwelling, a seat of power, and the most exciting entertainment become “clanging gongs” that distract and annoy me away from my focus on eternity. My focus should be on loving others, as many as possible, so I will be able to rejoice with them when we get to this place.

The Lord is coming to call us home. We do not have much time to complete our work, his work, here. We have to take advantage of what we have left.