March 19, 2016

Isaiah 59:1-21

The prophets testify again and again about a people who have turned to wickedness. The Lord looks upon this wickedness and, for a while, withholds his judgment. Who can stand under his judgment? All are guilty, and all seek justice for where they have been wronged—but all seek mercy for where they pursued wickedness. This displeases our Lord, so he takes action to correct it.

God is ready to arm his wrath and repay everyone for their iniquity. But, he will redeem those who turn from their transgression. He has sent his Spirit to teach and remind us; his words are there to protect and preserve. They endure and restore.

We have little hope if we seek our own wisdom or mysticism to save us from our transgressions. The Word of the Lord on our lips and on our hearts saves us from them. The faithful also have hope that their dear children will depend on the same Word. When we consider the faithfulness of those that come before and those who will come after, the same words convicted them and the same words brought salvation.

These words convince us of our guilt, show us we need mercy, remind us of the price paid to redeem us, give us a taste of his blessings, and offer us a commission in his army. Every day, we face challenges that bring Scriptures to mind. Let the truths motivate you, and become who he wants you to be.