March 18, 2015

The Station of Betrayal

Mark 14:66-72

In what ways do we “deny” Jesus today? Perhaps no one is literally accusing us of being with Jesus, but the truth is, the world asks us if we are with Jesus every single day. What is our response? In the face of temptation and in our response to people around us, do we acknowledge Jesus as our Savior? Or do we hide him and run from him? Do we live our lives apart from our Savior because his power, his rule, and his direction are not in line with our own desires? Or do we walk with him so closely that our every decision is directed by his hand and covered by his voice?

The disciples often exhibited a spirit of selfishness, competition, and disunity. This must have broken the Savior’s heart. I wonder how Jesus feels when he sees the condition of the Church today. What is the basis for true Christian unity? Ideally, it is the person and work of Jesus Christ, and furthering God’s glory.

Christian unity is not based on the external things, but the internal and eternal things of the Spirit in the inner person. We must look beyond the elements of our first birth—race, color, abilities, possessions, etc.—and build our fellowship on the essentials of our new birth in Jesus Christ. Yes, believers do have differences, but we have much more in common. This should encourage us to love one another and promote true spiritual unity.