March 15, 2016

Isaiah 54:11-55:13

Listen to the forms of suffering in this passage: storm-tossed without comfort, oppressed, terrorized, strived, destroyed, judged, thirsty, and poor. Do you feel any of these today? Who are your oppressors? Isn’t the Lord greater than all?

Note how the Lord will comfort those who are suffering. Although we may not have power to end this suffering, our Lord does. We have his compassion, his pardon, and his protection. What have we to fear?

We can come before the Lord, sit at his feet, and share our struggles. He is there ready to listen and offer peace. In the midst of the storm, he is calling for you and wants to provide for you and protect you.

Consider the power of his word, his promise. He has made an everlasting covenant, and he will bring compassion. For those willing to listen, his words will succeed, and his ways will bring far greater glory than we can imagine. All of nature longs for this day and will rejoice alongside us, echoing our joy and praises.