March 15, 2013

John 12:4-5

Judas' deception did not just appear or begin at the time he betrayed Christ. Judas' sin, his life in the dark, had been happening for a long time. He was the keeper of the money, and years before, he was stealing money for himself. Typically, as humans, we don't just wake up one day and do something wildly sinful. We do not wake up and decide to embezzle money, cheat on our spouse, or betray a good friend. Satan is crafty. Sins start in the realm of the gray. Sinful patterns start with something that is not "that bad" and then over time, we grow to accept our behavior as okay. Months and years pass and we find ourselves to be people we barely recognize; we wonder how we ever got to this place. That's why God is serious about all sin--even those we would consider small. Confess your sins to God today. Take note of the small ones. Ask God to show you the difference between what is right and what is wrong, what is light and what is dark, what is true and what is false. He is the true measure.