March 14, 2016

Week Twelve Devotions Written by David Taylor

Isaiah 53:7-12 & 54:1-10

Oppressed. Afflicted. Led to the slaughter. Judah and Israel understood these words. Ripped from their homes, their children taken from them, hurting, alone, mourning those killed by Assyrians, Philistines, and even other Israelites. Bound and held under a chain of ruthless, idolatrous, and corrupted leaders. A Leader will come, a King from David’s order, a righteous and merciful Judge, a victorious Warrior, and a Redeemer bearing salvation. Surely, he will not be allowed to suffer this way. He has to restore us and eliminate this suffering.

He will take our punishment, silently. Though we are wicked, no excuses, judgment, or wrath will be on his lips. We are faced with his grief when we look upon his face, his scars, his piercings. Take heart because the Father knew his fate—and loved us so tenderly he willingly endured it, watching his perfect, faithful Son become crushed. That love carried our Christ as he washed feet, sweat blood, and endured blindsided blows, lacerations, and punctures. That love wasn’t tarnished by our defiance and willingly accepted the grave to show us compassion.

Sing of his glory everlasting. The church has been restored. Like a young widow stripped of her family, the Holy One of Israel redeemed her and overflowed her family. No longer have we anything to fear. Our Lord overcame, and the Father rewarded him. He will lead us in his unending compassion, forgiveness, and peace. His Word is his guarantee.