March 12, 2016

Isaiah 52:1-15

God speaks about the beauty of the feet of those who bring good news. What a privilege and an opportunity we have to share the news of redemption, salvation, and peace through Jesus Christ. Did you know many Christians in America will never share the good news and never lead a lost soul to Christ in their lifetime? If you have ever had the privilege of witnessing or leading someone else to Christ, then you know there is no greater joy.

Is there someone the Lord has brought into your life and placed on your heart to share the good news with? If you have been given a burden for someone, trust that the Lord is preparing their heart for you to share. Pray the Holy Spirit will give you the words to say and the time to say it. God often works in ways we don’t expect. So be prepared for any occasion. We have all been chosen and what a blessing it truly is!