March 11, 2016

Isaiah 51:1-23

This passage is a great reminder that if the faithful few will remain faithful, then even more can come from them. If we as Christians remain faithful to God, think what God can do through us!

We should not fear when people insult us for our faith because God is with us. Have you been insulted because of your faith? Are you afraid to be bold in your faith because of what people might think? We are a blessed nation having the freedom to worship God and, even more so, a blessed state living in the “Bible Belt” where there is a Bible-believing church near every corner. Consider the boldness it takes for those Christians who live in countries where they risk their lives to practice their faith in Christ Jesus.

Have you become complacent in your faith? Or have you taken your faith or the Lord for granted because of where we live and the liberties we have? I have been truly blessed to have gone on several mission trips with our church and have witnessed the intensity and passion in which others worship and serve the Lord around the world. What an example they have been to me.

Every single day, we are to pick up our cross and follow him. My prayer for you is that the fire you felt when you first came to know Christ is ignited once again and you become the light of the world.