March 11, 2014

“Love Believes all Things”

Matthew 5:13-20

In 1 Corinthians 13:7, the phrase that says love “believes all things” is not referring to believing the best of everyone or of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Rather, believing is related to all the teachings of the gospel no matter what they are or what they demand. All the things that are taught by Christ through his Word in the sixty-six books of the Bible are embraced. This is conditioned by the flow of the text and the connection with bearing all things for the sake of the gospel. It is the gospel that is believed, namely, all things it teaches and to which it applies by good and necessary inference.

We need to remember the fact that the penetrating holiness of the law that reflects the holiness of God is the standard by which the Christian guides his life in devotion to Christ for the glory of the Father. The person who truly loves is the person who believes all of Scripture and he believes it for dear life. There is a reason why John refers to Jesus as the “Word” (John 1:1): Jesus is God’s “Word” to reveal his heart and mind to us.