March 10, 2018

Psalm 37:3-4

In what ways has God proven himself trustworthy in your life?

The Lord is the source of goodness and is our example for the journey of life. And God is trustworthy. Trusting in God enables his people to take part in his goodness. Within this goodness, we are to “dwell in the land and to enjoy safe pasture.” It is easy to stay within personal comfort zones and to disengage from the entirety of the world. Naturally, it is more comfortable to stay with like-minded people where acceptance and safety are foremost. But if someone is truly dwelling in the land, the reality is someone will at some point walk with people of a different crowd. Some in this crowd are people who do not know Christ. They are lost and need to know God’s love is good, true, and faithful.

In both situations, God’s people are called to cultivate faithfulness. This directly leads to how people view the faithfulness of God. As God’s people trust in him, they prove his faithfulness to others and cultivate faith in others.

In what ways can your faithfulness today point to the goodness of God and help others cultivate faith in him?