I have never felt like God should be put to the test – like whether or not He is going to answer my prayers – but a few years ago I felt otherwise when Bill lost his job after being wrongfully accused of sexual harassment. The company did not want to spend the money to fight it, so they just let him go. They told him it would be kept quiet, but the company did not keep their word. I was devastated and it seemed he would never find a job.

I love God’s cardinals, “red birds” as some call them, but we seldom have any at our house, and when we do, only a pair. In my despair I asked God to just send me a red bird so I will know that things are going to be all right. In the blink of an eye a beautiful male cardinal landed on the feeder outside our window. From that time on I was at peace about Bill and knew he would eventually get a top-notch job, and he did.

I have never put out the fleece again, but from that time on when I am discouraged the bird seems to show up on the feeder.

Lenore Spear