June 24, 2015

Acts 16:1-5

On his journey through Lystra, Paul decided to take Timothy on his journey. This passage says Timothy was circumcised because the Jews in that area knew Timothy’s father was a Greek. On the surface, this doesn’t make sense. Why would Paul, who had fought so vehemently against circumcision, circumcise Timothy? Paul wanted to remove any obstacle from Timothy’s ability to spread the gospel. What obstacles to spreading the gospel need to be removed in your life?

Please pray for Vacation Bible School this week:

· Pray for the Wednesday’s Decision Service for grades 3-5. Pray God will speak to the hearts of the children and that those who are ready will accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.

· Pray for Wednesday’s Family Night….that many will attend and for God to use First Baptist members to reach out to the unchurched who attend. Pray for safety and fun as we fellowship at Flower Mound Community Activity Center.