June 19, 2016

John 7: 23-29

One of my favorite songs is Holy Spirit Rain Down. Just visualize that for a minute. One of the verses says, “Come and change our hearts as we stand on Your Word.” The moment we are saved, we receive the Holy Spirit. As we read God’s Word, the Holy Spirit helps us understand it. Our hearts are changed when we follow it. We can rely daily on the Spirit to guide us which will enable us to do what’s pleasing to God. Isn’t that our goal—to do what pleases God, to follow his Word? 

I pray often that the things I do and words I say all during the day will bring a smile to God at the end of the day. I can’t do this without the Holy Spirit’s guidance. While we will never be perfect until the day we are home with God, we can certainly strive to live for him and be more like him. Do you want the Holy Spirit to rain down on you? I need it continuously.