July 7, 2016

John 11:1-16

When I was a teenager growing up in North Texas in the seventies, a local bank ran a TV commercial entitled “Dallas, the City that Knows No Limits.” The ad described how the bank helped fuel the growth and development of North Texas. The tag line was spoken by the great actor Orson Welles: “Dallas the City that knows No Limits.” It was a great commercial during a boom time. But things changed. Oil prices went through the roof but then bottomed out. Real estate, banks, and savings and loans suffered severe losses along with inflation. Even that very bank went out of business. Indeed, there were limits.

The story of Jesus and Lazarus is amazing. The zealots were picking up rocks to stone him. He had left the area when he was told his friend Lazarus had been sick and died. This chapter tells us the story. Jesus has power even over death! Every person has limitations—but not him.

May our prayer today be like Paul’s, that we may know him and the power of the resurrection.