July 6, 2016

John 10:31-42 

For the third time in John’s Gospel, Jesus’ opponents—the religious establishment of the day—wanted to execute him (John 5:17-18; 8:58-59). They believed he was guilty of blasphemy. The Jewish establishment who heard him knew what Jesus’ words meant (10:30). Though they did not believe him, they did understand that Jesus was claiming equality with God. It is ironic that today Jesus’ greatest critics consider him to be nothing more than a man, while his greatest enemies in his day recognized he was claiming to be God.

Each of us must choose. We must recognize for ourselves who Jesus truly is. In his classic book Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis makes a simple but profound proposition. He says people have only three options about Jesus. First, that Jesus is a liar. What else could he be if we do not believe who he claims to be. Second, we can believe Jesus to be a lunatic. If what he said wasn’t true, then he must be crazy. Or, we can take Jesus at his word. He is Lord! If we recognize him as Lord, then we must live for him and serve him. Lewis contends these are our only options. Jesus gives no other options—he does not intend to. The challenge for our day is simple: do we go with the crowd of political correctness or live our lives under the Lordship of Jesus. He gave us no other options.