July 6, 2013

Acts 28:23-31

Paul met with the Jewish community, telling them about Jesus. Some believed while some did not. Paul’s quotation of Isaiah 6:9-10 was a reminder God would use the Gentiles to spread the Good News about Jesus. Paul stayed in his “own rented quarters” (28:30) for two full years, sharing the truth of Jesus to any who came his way.

The Book of Acts ends abruptly here. Did Paul ever get his hearing with Caesar?

There is evidence Paul was released from this Roman house arrest. In his letters, he wrote to churches expecting to visit soon. Sources outside the Bible indicate Paul traveled to Spain. We know he desired to do this from Romans 15:22-29. Whatever the case, the account in Acts closes open-ended. And that’s good.

Though there is no 29th chapter of Acts, if there were, what do you think or hope it would say?