July 4, 2016

John 10:11-18    

When I read the Bible devotionally, I ask myself three questions: First, “What does this verse or passage tell me about God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit?” My second question is: “Do these words tell me anything about relating to others?” Finally, I ask, “What do these words say to me?”

In 10:11, Jesus says: “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (HCSB). So what does this tell us about Jesus? How are we to understand Jesus as the Good Shepherd? There two important ways.

First, understand the “Good Shepherd” as a noun. It describes an essential element of Jesus’ identity. The grammar in 10:11 is unequivocal. It is emphatic. Jesus has no rival as the “Good Shepherd.” No one else is even close. This is an important point because often God’s people settle for good or better instead of the best. We need to understand our relationship with Jesus positionally. When we know Jesus as the “Good Shepherd,” it means we need no other to guide, direct, counsel, or lead us.

But, we can also understand the “Good Shepherd” as a verb. It describes a characteristic of Jesus’ ministry and activity. Shepherding is something he does. He cares for and comforts his sheep. He protects his sheep. He guides his sheep. Whatever need we have, he can meet it.

 Today, remember you belong to the Good Shepherd. He can meet your every need like no other!