July 31, 2016

John 16:12-15

Jesus continued his compassion-filled farewell to his disciples in today’s passage. There are so many other things Jesus had to say, but the state of sorrow the disciples were in would not allow them to hear. So, Jesus promised that part of what the Holy Spirit would do when he came is to convey yet more truth of God. All of that truth would be centered around Jesus and even carry things yet to come (i.e., prophecy).

This week has given us, straight from the mouth of Jesus, an amazing crescendo of the power and glory of the helper he promised to send once he ascended. We have, as the saved children of God, the same full and complete access to the mighty Spirit of God that was available to the disciples.

How can we have spent this week studying this series of promises from God himself and not be changed? It is natural for us to not take to heart the Word of God and, in our own strength, it’s impossible to do it in a lasting way. However, with Jesus’ help, we can overcome that nature (2 Corinthians 5:17). And we must, for that is what it means to abide in Christ.