July 30, 2016

John 16:1-11

In today’s passage, Jesus is giving comfort to his disciples. Even though he went to great lengths to reassure them they would receive the Holy Spirit once he left, all they could focus on was that Jesus was leaving them. In 16:5, Jesus tells us this by pointing out the disciples have failed to ask him where he is going, a natural question if they were not already preoccupied. Yet, with the greatest compassion, he reassures them again the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to come.

Just as Jesus has done to this point, the Holy Spirit will come to convict the world of three things. First, he will convict the unsaved of the unforgivable sin of unbelief. Second, he will convict people of what real righteousness is by exposing the darkness of hearts as the hypocritical self-righteousness that it is. Third, he will convict us all of the coming judgment of Satan’s world system.

Here, taken with the preceding passages, we get an amazing picture of the love and care Jesus had for his disciples and, by extension, has for us. He repeats over and over again the loving care that is lavished on us by the Holy Spirit. Why do you suppose it is so easy for us to forget God is there, ready, willing, and able to carry us through all the circumstances of our lives? What do you see in your life that blocks your ability to rest in contentment on this truth?