July 29, 2016

John 15:18-27

Probably the biggest obstacle to the spread of God’s Word is a fear of the response. We don’t share because we care about what the people around us think. On the surface, today’s passage doesn’t seem to help. Jesus reaffirms that we should not be surprised the world hates us because it has already demonstrated hatred toward him, and none of us want to be hated.

Did you notice though what Jesus said in 15:20? We usually read the part about being persecuted because Jesus was. However, that verse ends by saying those who keep Jesus’ word will also keep ours. What this means is that as long as we are diligent in our own discipleship, we will have the privilege of being one through whom God works to save and disciple others. Do you find the idea of being a source someone could trust with their discipleship to be worthy of enduring some persecution?

It’s very important that you see the worth of your own ability to contribute to someone else’s life. It’s not all-important that you know all about the Bible. What matters more is that you know your own story. That story is your testimony to God’s glory. That story will minister to others. What will it take for you to start telling it? What hurts have you been healed from that you could start healing in others?