July 28, 2016

John 15:12-17

Jesus promises that whatever we ask of him, he will do. As you’ve probably learned before, there is a requirement here. Notice how both times the promise is made, the surrounding context is all about abiding in Jesus. This is why there is a problem taking these passages as a “name it and claim it” sort of gospel some speakers like to teach.

Remember the abiding comes with a release of our own wants and desires so God may replace them with his own. We know God wants the best for us, so why do we continually replace his desires for us with our own? When our desires parallel God’s own for us, then we may ask whatever is in line with those desires and God will grant it.

Also in this passage, we have another fundamentally new concept for the disciples to absorb. They (and, by extension, we) are no longer servants but friends and (from other passages) even brothers. Do you see the outpouring of love from Jesus in this text? Do you see it enough to be humbled? If you are not feeling loved today, remember that Jesus calls you his friend. Then reread 15:13. His love is obvious.