July 27, 2016

John 15:1-11

Do you think the keeping of God’s Word to the point of obedience and outflowing of love is really all that important? It’s easy to see from our reading that Jesus certainly thought so. In today’s text, he is reiterating this concept of abiding, of keeping God’s Word. To help make sure the point is driven home, he uses the metaphor of grapevines and their bearing of fruit. This is something that would have been very clear to the disciples.

Jesus also adds another aspect of our relationship with God. Just as the branch of a vine is incapable of bearing fruit without being an integral part of the vine, so we are incapable of doing the works of God without being an integral part of Jesus. Can you see the encouragement Jesus offers to those who remain in him? Note also the parallel to eternal judgment that he describes for those who do not abide.

Have you ever felt alone? Have you felt that way since you were saved? If you have, think about this. To feel alone once you’ve been saved is a denial that Jesus is with you in the form of the Holy Spirit. Whenever you struggle with loneliness, remember that Jesus is really with you. Sometimes it’s easier to just wallow in the feeling but ultimately it’s better to accept the comforting of God’s presence.