July 26, 2016

John 14:25-31

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of internalizing God’s Word. With that come promises of having an eternal relationship with God. In today’s passage, we get more. Who of us doesn’t want more peace and calmness in our lives? Who of us doesn’t want to be rid of fear? Yesterday, Jesus promised us his Spirit. Today, he promises us his peace.

Some people have had some difficulty with the last part of 14:28 where Jesus says, “… for the Father is greater than I.” How can one member of the Trinity be greater (or less) than any other? It’s best to understand this as saying we should rejoice because Jesus was going back to the glory he left behind to come to earth. By going back, he was able to pick up his Godly attributes once again.

It’s important to see that Jesus is putting himself forward as an example. Because he loves the Father, obedience to the Father’s will came. We too should love God so that we will obey and allow his love to overflow us onto those around us.

This passage is part of Jesus’ earthly goodbye to his disciples. Have you ever had to say a final goodbye to friends or family? Though it’s difficult to think of in today’s connected world, ask yourself this. What things would you need to say to a loved one if you knew you could never talk with them again? It might be worth telling them now.