July 25, 2016

John 14:16-24

What a fantastic promise this passage carries! Here, Jesus promises us the Father will send us his Spirit. He does not wish for us to cope with everything in life without him and, since Jesus’ time on earth was coming to a close, the Spirit was sent to provide us the help we so desperately need.

Jesus also promises that we will see him even when the world won’t. Ultimately, the text speaks of an eternal and intimate relationship with our Creator.

These promises are only given to those who keep his commandments. There are many who would like this passage to mean, “Obey the laws of God and he’ll do what I want.” However, that is not what it says. When the Bible speaks of “keeping” commandments, the word used has the sense of “guarding” God’s Word, of being a trustworthy steward of it. This is not mere obedience—that is a side effect. We become subject to these promises when we accept the truth of God and carry it forward as our own. Once that happens, once we live our lives with that truth as a fundamental part of us, we live life much more like Christ.

 Are you humbled by these eternal promises Jesus makes to us? How do you allow God’s truth to affect you in a way that you live a Christ-like life without turning it into a to-do list item to just check off?