July 24, 2016

John 14:7-15

Jesus commissioned his disciples to continue the work he started when he came to earth as a man. His works and miracles were extraordinary—poured out by God’s supernatural power. Yet, Jesus declared that “greater works” would take place through those that believe in him. Do you believe you have the power to do “greater works” than Jesus? I think Jesus was encouraging us to “think big” about God and his purpose for us. Too often, we put God in a box. We limit his power. Jesus tells us in 14:13 that whatever we ask in his name, this he will do, so the Father will be glorified (paraphrased). So when we are given a task that is out of our comfort zone, all we need is to ask and Jesus will empower us to do the task—so the Father will be glorified. He WILL equip us to do his “greater works.” Do you take Jesus at his word and pray bold, expectant prayers? Do you talk with Jesus in prayer, not just at Jesus? Do you stop and listen for his reply? What is he saying to you?

Lord Jesus, I pray that You guide my steps and help me to always have an open heart. A heart ready to serve you. I know you will equip me to do any task you set before me. I thank you for your faithfulness. Amen.