July 24, 2011

Numbers 14: Open Mutiny

When you read this passage, did you get frustrated with the children of Israel as they raged at Moses and Aaron and declared their open mutiny? However, how many times do we do the same thing over much more minor things? “It’s too hot! Can’t you fix the AC?!’ “It’s too cold. I’ll be glad when summer is here.” “Why can’t you people hurry up already?! I have too many things to do.” And on and on it goes. In these moments we are acting exactly like the children of Israel. They were released from a type of prison sentence only to rebel against the very ones who were rescuing them. What was the result? (Re-read 14:6-45.) How many times in our lives do we show open mutiny toward our Creator God, the Giver of all things? Pray from this day forward we will count our blessings and think before we complain.

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