July 23, 2016

John 14:1-6

“In my Father’s house are many rooms … I will take you there … where I am you may be also.” I love these words from 14:2-3. These verses are a personal promise from Jesus that we will have a very special place waiting for us in Heaven. And Jesus himself will take us there! This is something we can look forward to with joy and hope!

Jesus says, “I am the way.” He is the only way to get into Heaven. Jesus does not say, “I’ll show you the way” but “I am the way.” He himself is the light that illuminates our path to God.

Jesus says, “I am the truth.” Jesus not only declares the truth—he is the truth. Satan is the liar. He makes visible to us God’s very nature and principles.

Jesus says, “I am the life.” I have no life aside from Jesus. He brings life to me both on earth and eternal. Jesus did not merely speak about life, he presented himself as life. How can we experience abundant life in God?

Lord Jesus, thank you for being the way that connects me with God, the truth that shows me the revelations of God’s realities, and for being the source of my abundant life. Amen