July 22, 2013

Introduction to The Hollow

Ten Out of the Twelve Spies

Numbers 13:1-16

God’s promise was Israel’s title deed to the land of Canaan as well as his guarantee that they would defeat their enemies. God’s promise was all Israel needed, but the nation doubted God’s Word and began to walk by sight instead of by faith. They took their first wavering step of doubt when they asked Moses to let them search out the land before laying claim to it. Moses endorsed their request and got permission from the Lord to carry out the plan. However, it appears that God was letting the Jews have their own way, not because it was right, but because he wanted to teach them a lesson. They needed to learn to trust God and do the will of God His way and not their own way.

How many times does God shake his head at us with disappointment, as we are feebly testing the waters of his plan for us instead jumping in and getting down to the business of furthering his kingdom?