July 20, 2016

John 13:12-20

My mother was a District Manager Level 4 in a large company back in the 70s and 80s. It was a position that was always given to men. In fact, she was the first woman to ever hold this position. About 20 men were directly under her and several hundred other employees were under these men. She was such a highly-respected and loved woman in her company. She never treated her employees as servants or lower than her. She always told people these men worked with her, not for her. She led with grace and humility and fairness. At her funeral, several of these men spoke of her leadership qualities and the fact that she served them—not the opposite.

Jesus was Teacher and Lord. He was leading the disciples and preparing them for leadership. He was King of kings! And yet, he was a servant. He taught that being a leader meant being a servant. When you think of leadership, do you picture humble service, such as washing dirty feet? Whose “dirty feet” can you wash?