July 18, 2016

John 12:44-50

Jesus concluded his public ministry with a passionate appeal to the people. He explained his identity. He was sent by the Father (12:44). He was the image of God (12:45). He was the light who could lead out of darkness (12:46). How would you explain your identity to someone? My hope is that people see the light of Jesus shining through me instead of the darkness of my sinful nature.

Jesus' final declaration was to remind the people he did not come to judge but to save. Everything he said was what the Father told him to say, so if the people rejected his words, they were rejecting God. Do you reject his word? Do you really live by the Word? God’s Word. I read my Bible and I try to live by the words written in it, but I often pick and choose the words I want to follow and obey. It’s easy to reject the hard commands.

In 12:49, Jesus says he has not spoken on his own authority, but the Father who sent him. Do you choose your words carefully? Do you pray before speaking? Pray before confrontation? Share words that edify? Share the gospel?

Heavenly Father, I pray that my words are the words you would put into my mouth to speak. I know I must have your Word written on my heart before your words can come out of my mouth. Please help me to burn your Word into my heart. Amen.