July 14, 2013

Introduction to The Hollow


Genesis 27:41-46

Always close to the family grapevine, Rebekah heard the threat Esau made on Jacob’s life and moved into action. Her plan was to send Jacob to Haran to live with her brother, Laban, and send for him when it was safe for him to return.

When we are living within God’s will, there are never any loose ends. At the end of Rebekah’s life, there is nothing but loose ends – Esau is hurt, dejected, and homicidal, and Jacob is running for his life. If only she had trusted God to work out the birthright issues between Esau and Jacob as he promised he would in Genesis 25:23, Rebekah’s story would have ended quite differently. But, alas, the curtain closes on a hollow woman who chose to deceive instead of trust in God’s perfect plan.