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Passionate Mom Pursuit
Megan Seidel

Moms, have you ever compared yourself to other mothers and been left feeling inadequate, less than, or not good enough? Stop. Just as God made each of us beautifully, wonderfully and uniquely, in His perfect image, He also designed us to be different kinds of mothers, each equipped with unique, God-given strengths that reflect His qualities. Come find what kind of passionate mom you are through a fun personality test, then learn how you can use your gifts to best pursue and pray for your children the way God intended and have joy while doing so! Megan Seidel has served for several years as a leader in Christian education, having conducted Bible studies and overseen programs at her church and in the community. She is a mom who is enthusiastic about God’s Word and prayer, and she hopes to encourage other moms to identify and use the gifts God has given them.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Pray Hard: Advice for the Working Mom
Monica Glenn

Working moms have a lot to balance. Come hear from fellow working mom Monica Glenn as she shares wisdom on how to balance work, kids and a spouse and still find time for yourself. Whether you work part-time or full-time, from your home or at an office, if you are a working mom, this session is for you!

Christianish: What Does Christianity Really Mean?
Jilian Brown

Many common misconceptions surround Christianity. Perhaps there are even some that you have unwittingly accepted. Come listen as Jilian Brown uncovers erroneous beliefs and highlights biblical truths, equipping you to deal with these misconceptions as they arise in the course of life. Jilian has served as a Bible study teacher at FBCL for 2.5 years and is currently pursuing her M.Div. at B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. Her heart’s desire is to see an increase in biblical literacy in the church at large and see women, in particular, walk in the calling God has placed on their lives.

Biblical Hospitality
Debbi Cutrell and Sarah Sherman

The scriptures are full of exhortations to minister to those around us. One of the most powerful outlets for ministry is created when we open our homes and our lives to God and people. The ultimate purpose of hospitality is to minister to those around us – both believers and unbelievers—by serving them with love, care and concern. Come explore with mother-daughter duo Debbi Cutrell and Sarah Sherman how you can demonstrate hospitality in simple, practical ways.

Plan. Pay. Prep: Simplified Meal Prep, Planning and Budgeting
Tori Mitzel

Are you tired of scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or snack)? Does having healthy meals planned in advance and on a budget sound like an impossible feat? Allow Tori Mitzel to walk you through the process of planning and preparing meals on a budget in this hands-on seminar. Tori is passionate about loving her family and nourishing their bodies with homemade meals that don’t break the bank, and she wants to help other women learn to do the same for their families.

Mentoring: Walking Through Life With Other Women
Kay Steiger

When she began following Christ as a teenager, Kay Steiger enjoyed the benefits of mentoring as experienced women of faith came alongside her and encouraged her in her walk with the Lord, offering wise counsel. Since then, she has mentored many young women on their journeys. Could you benefit from the wisdom of seasoned Christian women, or share life with someone who is preparing to walk roads you’ve already traveled? Come learn about mentoring: What is is, how it can change your life and the lives of other women, and practical ways you can seek out mentoring relationships.

Creative Prayer and Bible Journaling
Shawnna Hoffman

In 1999, God began working on Shawnna Hoffman’s heart, encouraging her to have a more effective prayer life and quiet time. She began exploring various methods, ultimately discovering that prayer journaling was a helpful tool. Three years ago, she also began Bible journaling, and now combines both in her daily study and quiet time. In this session, Shawnna will demonstrate how to set up an organized prayer journal that makes quiet times easier and more effective, strengthening and increasing communication with God. She will also share how to use Bible journaling to remain planted in God’s Word. Shawnna has previously led workshops on prayer journaling and is eager to share how Bible journaling can be coupled with prayer journaling for meaningful time with the Lord.

The ABCs of Anxiety and Depression
Meredith Zahorsky

Join Meredith Zahorsky, LPC, for a primer on anxiety and depression. What does is look like? What causes it? How can you cope with it and find calm in the midst of chaotic emotions? For the past 8 years, Meredith has walked alongside adults and families dealing with anxiety and depression. She has also coped with some of these feelings herself and is eager to share some tools women can use when they struggle with worry and sadness. 

Who Are You…Really?
Sandy MacMillan

Who in your life or what in your life has told you who you are? The words, actions and opinions of others…or God, who made you? This session will explore the answer to that question by looking at who you really are as a believer in Christ. You will learn from God’s Word that you have a “new identity” as a Christian, not because of anything you have done or haven’t done, but because of what Christ has done for you. This liberating and life-changing truth will bring freedom to your life when you know who God says that you already are in Him. Why is this important? Because what we believe about ourselves will often shape how we live our lives…in complete freedom in Christ or in bondage to the world.

Strong Women Wanted
Brooke Miller 

God’s Word talks specifically about our bodies being a temple for the Holy Spirit. Healthy food choices and exercise are necessary acts of obedience to God. Even so, making good, healthy choices when it comes to exercise can be daunting with so many different avenues available. In this breakout, physical therapist Brooke Miller will discuss women-specific benefits, dos and don’ts of exercise for various age groups. She will also address how to prioritize your exercise time so you can make smart exercise choices in your own life. Whether you are a postpartum mom, a middle-aged woman who hasn’t exercised since high school, or an 80-year-old with a recent health change, this session is for you!

Finding Joy in the Journey: A Panel Discussion
Jo Lynn Black, Sarah Bloss, Kate Fite, Lillian Ryan & Bronwen Zilmer

No matter where you are in your lifetime, or where you are in this world, God has a plan for you. Our job as followers of Jesus Christ is to seek His will and expect Him to do great things in us and around us, big and small, easy and hard. Join this panel of Christ-following women for an open-hearted discussion about finding joy and contentment at every part of the journey, from youth to maturity, on the mountaintops and in the valleys. Come be encouraged and inspired by these women who walk with their eyes on Jesus and put their faith to work for the kingdom in their roles as mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters, girlfriends and friends.

How to Serve (Even When You Feel Like Your Hair is on Fire!)
Alta Lynn Gerlach

In seasons of life that are fast-paced and full, it can be hard to find time to serve others in meaningful ways. Sometimes we’re so busy and caught up in our own plans that we miss the needs of the people around us. Listen as Saturday’s keynote speaker, Alta Lynn Gerlach, shares some wise words on finding balance in the midst of busyness.

A Moment With Marsha
Marsha Day

Join Friday’s keynote speaker, Marsha Day, for an intimate conversation. Did you connect with something Marsha addressed in her talk? Is there a question you’d like to ask, or something you’d like to share with her? Sit for a moment and share your heart with other women in this limited seating breakout.

Holy Yoga
Jennifer Kubinsky

Do you need to retreat from the world for a moment? Come stretch, relax and breathe with Holy Yoga instructor Jennifer Kubinsky. Biblical encouragement will be blended with gentle movements to promote physical and spiritual peace. No experience with yoga is necessary. Consider wearing comfortable clothes and bringing a yoga mat or towel, or feel free to come as you are. 

Hot and Holy: Intimate Privileges 
Debby Wade

If you’ve ever wanted to explore sexual intimacy from a biblical perspective, you will not want to miss this session! Marriage therapist Debby Wade will be addressing many of the questions women have about sex, sexuality and their role as wives. Debby provides valuable information in a dynamic way that ensures that you will walk away with useful knowledge and the motivation needed to apply the important lessons learned.

Friendships That Flourish: How to Identify and Nurture Thriving Friendships
Jeffri Foster

Making friends is hard work. Keeping friends is even harder! Thankfully, God not only designed us for deep friendships, He also gives us great models of how to make and keep friends. Join Jeffri Foster, Associate Youth Minister at FBCL, for a discussion of biblical friendships. She will help us identify why we struggle to find friends, examine examples of strong friendships portrayed in the Bible, and offer practical ways to form and maintain friendships. As a woman who values strong relationships, Jeffri desires to see women experience the community that God desires them to have. Come discuss how to have the deep friendships that God designed us to enjoy!

Creatively Sharing Your Testimony
Andrea Gibson

Do you find it hard to know how to write and give your personal testimony? Join Andrea in a creative look at how to "write" or "craft" your personal testimony - your personal life story as a Christian. You will leave this session with a beautiful tool to share and foster conversation about who you are and how God's grace has blessed and cultivated growth in your life. Come prepared with an open heart, ready to have some crafty fun and learn this skill in a very non-intimidating way.