Before I started leading worship for our 11:00 service, I was serving as Pastor to Students at several churches with the help of my wife, Ashley. Although this was a sweet time of ministry for the two of us, we served in a few very hard, traditional churches. These experiences caused us to always be going; always be ON & constantly be giving with no real time for rest & restart. When we started having kids we felt a strong leading to move back from California to have the kids close to family. We joined a church in the area that turned out to be very financially stretched & when the economy tanked in 2008, they made the choice to let us go. Needless to say, this was devastating & very hard to swallow. Although very hard for us both, we truly held strong to Psalm 10:9 which says that they that know God by His names...they will trust Him.

All through my years of College & Student Ministry I was always leading worship with the students. So, as I lost my job, Ashley & I prayed about what God had for us next. Those weeks of seeking His face were challenging but molding. We both knew God was calling us in a different direction for a different season of life. He opened the door for me to work with a company that serves the local church & I believe makes it stronger, equipping pastors & ministry leaders alike to make ministry-based decisions from metrics & measurements that are important for a church to use in relationship with the faith that God asks the leadership to display as they conduct the business of the church.

Then God brought us here to FBC Lewisville - a place where it really all started for me back in 1989 when my family were all members of this church. I can remember hearing Allen Johnson pray in the youth room of the old campus in old town Lewisville & so many memories with Jackie & Gail Clayton & the Judge Camp & his wife. All in all - God is Good & He does good...even when we have to go through the hard times in life. He is able to do more than all we ask or imagine!

Joey Quinones