January 9, 2016

Isaiah 7:10-18

Ahaz was one of the worst kings in Judah’s history. Why? Because he ignored God, forged alliances with those who were evil, and placed his trust in his own connivances. As a result, God disciplined him.

Ahaz tried to appear righteous by declining to “put God to the test,” but God himself directed him to ask for a sign. He may have requested dew on fleece or a star to appear in the east! But Ahaz refused.

So, the Lord himself created the most interesting sign of all time: “The virgin will conceive, have a son, and name him Immanuel.”

Matthew 1:23 applies this prophecy directly to the birth of our Lord Jesus. 

But the “sign” given to Ahaz also had immediate application. In the time it would take for a young woman to conceive, give birth, and raise her child, the marauding armies of Assyria would destroy Israel and thoroughly embarrass Judah. The fertile land of promise would become a wasteland of thorns and briers.

God has not changed. He treats his children today with an equal dose of love as those living in ancient days.

Are you paying attention to God or trusting your own connivances? Have you formed alliances, partnerships, or friendships with the ungodly? Do you lean on them for understanding in times of trouble? If so, look out!

You may be ignoring warning signs that God himself has prepared for you. Don’t be an Ahaz! Return to God or you may expect to be disciplined.