January 8, 2015

Real Life Discipleship Overview

Matthew 28:16-20
Let’s say your mother told you to go to the grocery store and buy milk, eggs, and bread. She wrote down the three things you are to buy and proceeded to give you the money. How do you think she would respond if you came home instead with only ice cream, cookies, and cake? Play that scene out in your mind or perhaps discuss it with a family member.

What if your boss gave you specific instructions: “Do this, this and this…” Would you do your best to follow these instructions? Or would you say to yourself, “He/she didn’t really mean it. The old man is crazy. I know what’s best.” And then just do your own thing. Play out that scene in your mind.

Jesus’ final instructions were: “Go and make disciples.” Did Jesus really mean that? Am I included in these instructions?