January 7, 2016

Isaiah 6:9-13

Does it surprise you God would instruct Isaiah to preach to a people who would not listen?

It wasn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last, either. Moses was asked to deliver a message to a people who refused to listen. And the book of Revelation foretells of future cataclysmic events involving entire nations that decline to heed God’s warnings.

The fact is our God is longsuffering, but his patience isn’t eternal. Judgment was coming, Isaiah warned. But the people refused to listen because their hearts were calloused beyond repentance.

Is it possible your heart has become calloused to God’s call on your life? Have you said “No” to the Lord so often you are no longer able to sense when the Holy Spirit is spurring you to act? How long must God call you before you hear his still small voice? Repent!

Isaiah asked, “How long, Lord? When will the people finally get the message?” Only a remnant ever would, and then only after they had come to the end with nowhere else to turn.

Will it take you that long to hear God’s call? Must it take an invading army to get your attention? Must you, like Judah, go through multiple calamities before you finally respond to the call of God?

Listen to what the Lord is telling you and obey him today. He’s got important things he needs you to do. Don’t wait until his patience runs out.