January 5, 2016

Isaiah 5:18-30

My fondest memories growing up involve my father and me fishing. We often fished together.

Once, we were catching lots of fish—but I was having a problem. Just as I would pull one out of the water it would slip away, along with my fishhook.

Dad watched as I tied a new hook to the end of my line. “Don’t tie it that way,” he said. He took the hook in one hand and the line in the other and tugged gently. Sure enough, the hook slipped off the line. I’d been tying a double-knot like I tied my tennis shoes, but it wasn’t secure. “Don’t tie it that way,” Dad warned again.

Then he taught me how to tie a proper fishing knot.

When you read the word “woe” in the Bible, most people understand it to be a curse.
But when “woe” appears in God’s book of blessings, it is meant as a warning so that we may escape the woe.

My father warned me about my technique in tying fishing knots; his purpose was to teach me a better way. God warns of error so that we may turn from the dangers of a mistaken way and so escape the ill which lies at the end of it.

So, read today’s passage through again. Only this time as you read it, consider the woes as warnings. Are you doing any of these things? God is blessing you by redirecting your path. He is teaching you a better way.